Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Did you realize that your penis is small?

Doctors and psychologists in TV constantly repeat that your size does not matter. That it depends on your connection to your partner, not how many inches you have in your pants. I will tell you what was my first clue that all of this is an actual lie. I remember my first girlfriend. The first love. Planes for the future. We were in love, deeply, deeply - i'm sure of that. Our relationship was very strong... but... every time we were making love i saw this look in her eyes - she didn't actually like our sex. She was avoiding it, didn't want to make all the fun stuff in our bedroom. Everything more than a regular sex was a dream for me, cause she was not enthusiastic for anything. One day I realized she was cheating me. So i ended our relationship not looking at everything that connected us. Now believe me - Sex is very important part of the relationship. Girl will be with you with all your disadvantages, but if you will be poor in bed she will find someone else to fuck her brains out. Of course the fault of our breakup was all mine. My penis was not what girls like. It was a peanut. I looked all the web, finding a lot of exercises, usually most of them work, but are very poorly described. I found a website with movies on "how to grow your penis" and that was it. Half an inch in few days. Next weeks brought next inches. after few months i heard from a girl something you also can be hearing in future - "you are sooo big". That is something worth living for. So don't hesitate - make your life better.
HERE you will find all the videos you need to be a better man.
Don't think about it, don't research all the web, just start right now - do progress.

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